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This has been the worst project I’ve ever worked on.

I purchased this domain when I was 16 years old and nearly 8 years later, I have not delivered a satisfying product to the client.

This website has changed countless times. The first iteration I can remember involved a number of images in place of what CSS could have easily handled. The second iteration involved having a separate image that would display when the user hovered over the navigation (thanks onmouseover) thereby having users download at least two separate images for each navigation item. Not to mention that the images had the text within the image, not written by the browser.

But it got better. Slightly.

My first job in this industry had me upgrading their website from a logo-only website to a pseudo business-card website. After a combination of <table> and <center> tags the site had content! It wasn’t half-bad for an in-house creation and a part-time summer job. But let’s be realistic. It was horrible. That site launched four months before HTML5 had its initial release in October 2014.

But it got better. Slightly.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered Bootstrap 3. Quickly discovering that there are libraries, projects, and frameworks that people graciously create (and release for free) that make our lives easier. This whole world was new. I was never taught this in college. I was taught to do it myself. To understand the basics. Which is understandable, but annoying. Into the world of Bootstrap this website became!

So it got better. Slightly.

Four solid years and countless iterations using Bootstrap, this website embraced, endured, and enabled its new changes. Some had professionalism. Some had wit. Some had both. Hell, one was just a contact form.

But it got better. Slightly.

Now it’s just a blog site. Will it continue to be? Probably. It’s really easy to maintain updates on this.

But will it get better?